Virtual Active Shooter Preparation & Situational Awareness

06/22/21. - 06/24/21.


Join us for a complimentary virtual session led by Kevin Whalen, a distinguished, 10-year veteran of the US Army Special Forces, currently serving as an agent with Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management. While on active duty, Whalen was involved in multiple combat deployments, trained Army and police in five countries and supported counter terror, counter narcotics and joint intelligence operations. He has also worked as an Advanced Skill Instructor for US Special Operations Forces and is an in-demand college guest speaker on ethics and morality in combat. During the class, Mr. Whalen will:

• Provide an analysis on active shooters and mass violence
• Look into the mind of the assailant with a psychological profile
• Developing a survival mindset and define situational awareness
• Offer tips for recognizing potential threat
• Identify courses of action for surviving and defeating threats